Prompts for good practice

An Ako Aotearoa-funded project led by New Zealand Tertiary College developed as a guide to designing, implementing and enhancing eLearning for the tertiary sector.

The eLearning guidelines (eLg) have been developed to assist the tertiary sector in its engagement with eLearning. The guidelines offer prompts for reflection from five perspectives - the learner, teacher, manager, organisational leader and quality assurance body.  When considering one of these perspectives in the eLearning and eTeaching process, the guidelines assist the designing, implementing and enhancing of your practice to ensure thoughtful and intentional eLearning provision.

eLg news

  • 2019 eLearning guidelines update 11 Sep 2019

    The national eLearning guidelines (eLg) provide a framework for integrating diverse pedagogies, guiding professional practice, enhancing quality, and bringing coherence to the delivery of eTeaching and eLearning.

  • eLearning guidelines updated for 2018 29 Jun 2018

    Recent research related to online learning has been collated from around the world to update the eLearning guidelines for 2018.

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